A tāne from Te Nehenehenui & a wahine from the moana.

Pou Digital was built on a passion to help Māori and Pasifika owned businesses succeed in their innovative ventures.

Peke-Tupaea Manawaiti

Peke-Tupaea Manawaiti

Ngati Maniapoto

Founder / Solutions Developer

Makea Piahana - Pou Digital.

Makea Piahana

Ngati Ranginui, Ngati Kahungunu ki Rarotonga

Lead Designer / Photographer

Ko wai Mātou

Founded in 2020, We launched Pou Digital during Aotearoa’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic – Level 4 lockdown. Our Business started off at a small desk next to our babys cot in his room. We had enough tools and resources to begin our entrepreneurial venture and there was no better time than a level 4 lockdown to become a service for the rapid demand for technology solutions. Our project scale and size capability grew alongside us, as we understood business better and the world opened up for us to partake in business growth strategy workshops and events to support our growth into a secure small business.

Peke Graduated University of Waikato with a Degree in computer science in 2016 and has worked across the board as a Business Analyst, Full stack Developer, and Applications Developer. Peke has a deep understanding of the digital space as well as moving and carrying himself in Māori spaces. The past 12 months Peke has been involved in projects alongside the company of Arataki Sytems and Te Waanaga O Aotearoa traveling the north island for various digital driven  Kaupapa.

Although settled in Tokoroa he is greatly involved with his Marae and his Maniapoto Iwi, many of his projects have been driven by his passion for his people back in Te Kūiti. 

Makea Studied Art History at the University of Canterbury until studies were disrupted after the 2011 Earthquakes. After years of traveling, healing and growing she and Peke secured some whenua for their two children, Ma’ine 6 and Tariki 3. Makea has a deep passion for Photography and fine arts, she has sponged information from many online resources and shadowed Peke in Developing and coding. Her eye for detail and creative passions brings a great contribution to our consistent pride and care we take in our work. 

Pou Digital Pou Whenua

Pou whenua mark a boundary or place of significance, to represent history, people or events. Beneath the soil the Pou is secured deep, rooted by ancestry and purpose. Above the earth we experience a culturally enriching art. Our talent is the abilty to craft and secure your Pou in the ever growing and developing digital world and we represent ourselves with our own Pou Whenua.

Our identitity as a collective refers back to our Tupuna/ ancestors and the elements they endured and experienced throughout their journies and which make Pou whenua so resilient. Earth, wind and water.

Kakariki, Te Nehenehenui Ngahere, Manu are contributed by Pekes Whakapapa to Te Kūiti and Ngati Maniapoto.

Kikorangi, Te Moana, and Mauao are significant elements throughout our business identity contributed by Makea’s Whakapapa to Tauranga Moana and Rarotonga.

Why we're here and our guiding principles.

Our mission is to connect Aotearoa businesses with the Audiences they deserve by enhancing their digital identity. In staying true to our guiding priciples, Pou Digital will maintain the mana and focus to make the right decisions in difficult moments.


Relationships & Connections

We celebrate client and whānau achievement and milestones, we work together cohesivly as one team, showing empathy and respect to each other.


Pride, care and integrity in our work

Consistant reliable customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Sometimes its not about re inventing the wheel, sometimes its purely executing a service and representing your work to its up most highest standard consistantly.

Tuakana \ Teina

Growth and Learning

We constantly push ourselves to be our best, and stay up to date with online trends which means we hold space to learn about new solutions. We share our knowledge and learnings with each other to ensure the collective grows and stays inspired to move together towards the same goal.


Guardship of our Taonga

We are comminted to supporting and maintaining the mana of Te Reo in this space. We also have great responsibility to protect the mana of ,many of our taonga we are privilaged enough to work with.